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Database back up via API as parquet/avro


Enable exporting of data through the Database Backup API, as individual data files zipped together (not SQL statements):

  • e.g. with a parameter in the backup API to allow expoting as “export-as-parquet/avro…“=true

  • with a parameter in the backup API to say allow exporting as CVS “export-as-CSV”=true.

Problem Statement:


"The customer will start putting through live client data through Production in September 2020- and will have to report on that data to the regulator pretty much right away. If this solution is not available once the data reaches expected thresholds, the current workaround will not be operational - creating risks of misrepresentation of data to the regulator leading to fines " ???


  • There are many implementation of SQL and what you export will never be compatible with all SQL implementations (for example, not compatible with presto-SQL (which is the SQL on which AWS Athena is based)

  • It will make the zip file much smaller if the customer starts having large tables (file format like parquet allow a much more efficient storage than simple text files + the fact that SQL is quite verbose).

  • Corinna Heuer
  • Jul 15 2020
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