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Ideas aimed to improve the current experience provided by the Mambu Banking Engine.

Add the option to skip the deletion of api consumers&keys on tenant cloning


Currently, every time a cloning process is triggers, we clone most data from one environment to another.

Some sensitive data, like API Consumers and API Keys are deleted during cloning, as otherwise we would introduce a security vulnerability


Some customers clone their sandbox every week as a part of the release activities and want to use the same configuration for API Consumers and the same API Keys across environments.

For this case, the current behaviour bring the overhead of having to recreate the API Consumers, re-generate API Keys and re-work all the needed connections with API's.


The request is to add an option that the customers can select at cloning, so that API Consumers and their respective API Keys will not be deleted from cloning data from one environment to another. Instead, these would be kept and could be used on both environment.


Please note this would mean that any possible security/data privacy issues you would expose yourself in this scenario will not fall into the liability of Mambu.

If you feel you would benefit from this being implemented, please add a comment and request for a tag to be added.

  • Ioana Zamfir
  • Oct 12 2020
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