Ideas for the Mambu Banking Engine

Create new entity "Company"


Add a new entity in Mambu named "Company". 
This can be used by tenants which are banks and who are currently using "Groups" to define legal entities in Mambu.

From the business standpoint, the tenants simply want to have an entity with no first names and no birthdates. The standard fields for Companies should be "Company Name" and "Company Address".
Apart from the above two, no other fields and functions are used from the Group type entity.


Currently this workaround of using groups is sufficient from a functional standpoint, however from a technical perspective, this causes some performance issues mainly - 

From a higher level, when looking at the database and code logic, when one accesses a loan account from a group, we query several tables, for example "group", "loangroup", "client", "loanaccount", etc.
However, to access a loan account under a client, we only use two tables, "loanaccount" and "client".

The query to be ran on several tables makes sense when dealing with a group that actually have clients in it.

Although, tenants use Groups in Mambu to define a Company/Legal Entity, there are no clients added. So, in Mambu, they then have a lot of groups, with no clients in it. Due to this, there's no need to query so many tables, but instead do a simple high level overview of querying two tables, "company" and "loan account" for the example given.

  • Cristian Dumitru Muntianu
  • Nov 16 2018
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