Ideas for the Mambu Banking Engine

Support External ID when performing Bulk Corrections


Keep the same original External Transaction ID when reposting transactions affected by a bulk correction.

An example of this would be the current behaviour for unique custom fields, where Mambu transfers the value to the reposted transaction and clears the field on the original transaction.


The external ID can be used as a primary key that identifies a transaction coming from a different system posted in Mambu (e.g. payment gateway). It serves as a an easy reference cross-systems in order to help with reporting and reconciliations.

Currently, when adjusting/ reversing a transaction which has other transactions posted after it or when backdating a transaction before the most recent one (i.e. in both scenarios - triggering bulk corrections), Mambu automatically adjusts/ reverses and re-posts all the transactions with a later Value Date, however, without transferring their original External Transaction IDs.

As a result, the External Transaction ID cannot be easily used for reconciliations or reporting, as it remains associated with the original (adjusted/ reversed) transaction, rather than the one that has been re-posted and is currently valid.

  • Alejandra Bennett
  • Jul 11 2019
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