Ideas for the Mambu Banking Engine

Amount of the Organisation Interest Commission available for reporting (from the UI and via API)

What: Show the amount of Organisation interest Commission in the Transaction Details and Transaction custom views for P2P loans for each:
- Interest Applied transaction
- Repayment Entered transaction 
For example, if the interest was applied in the amount of 100, out of which 20% is the Organisation Interest Commission, a split would be available showing that:
- total Interest Applied = 100
- (our of which) Organisation Interest Commission = 20
Why: Organisations offering P2P loans need to be able to see how much of interest commission has been recognised as their Receivable/Income and paid. Currently this information is only available on the accoutning side (i.e. how much Interest Receivable has been debited when interest was applied, and credited when interest was paid). However, for organisations that do not use Mambu accounting module - getting this information is very challenging.
  • Dorota Nosal
  • Nov 11 2016
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