Ideas for the Mambu Banking Engine

Transferring/ selling a loan account


Transferring/ selling a loan account from one client to another.

Additional notes:

  • Keep all the history under the initial client and account up to the transfer:
    • similar to the current behaviour when an account is closed by rescheduling
      • Up to the transfer the account is shown on the original client’s view under “Closed Accounts”
      • After the transfer a new account is created on the new client’s view
      • The two accounts are linked via a specific field
      • The repayment schedule on the new client is expected to continue as was - from the transfer moment where it stopped for the old client
  • Support the behaviour for the scenario when the transfer is to a client in another Branch
    • Interbanch accounts should be involved, similar to the current behaviour when a client with active accounts is transferred from one branch to another
  • Support carrying forward / capitalising / writing off amounts at the moment of selling/ transferring
    • Similar to the current behaviour when an account is closed by rescheduling
    • This should concern:
      • Interest/ Fees/ Penalties applied to date
      • Interest/ Fees/ Penalties accrued to date
      • Write-off some of the principal amount
  • The “sell account” functionality should be available via API, so that the tenant can
    • Initiate an automated selling of loans after “xx days in arrears”
    • Transfer batches of accounts at once


Typical use case: loans need to be transferred to “Collections” branch / officer - which should not always have access to all the client’s information & history - therefore, creating another “mirror” client for this purpose, eventually in a different branch, would be required.

Since a loan account can’t be created in Mambu without it being attached to a “client” entity, in some business cases that other “client” might be a collector / generic profile.

  • Rodica Levitchi
  • Dec 1 2016
  • Will not implement
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