Mambu Banking Engine

Ideas aimed to improve the current experience provided by the Mambu Banking Engine.

Optimize the user experience when accessing the Client/Group "Overview" section

Optimize the display of Client/ Group information in the "Overview" tab. This could be achieved by either: 
- displaying the Client/ Group information above the "Accounts Summary" section OR
- moving the  "Accounts Summary" section to its own separate tab
In the Client/ Group "Overview" section, the detailed client information is displayed below the "Accounts Summary". As a result, checking information or updating some fields requires scrolling down through the list of all accounts first. This can be easily achieved for clients or groups with a small number of accounts, however, it can be a quite onerous task for the users if there is a significant number of accounts (e.g. >100).
Beyond the specific use case of clients with a high number of concurrent loans - in general, when a user accesses a client/group's record in the system they should first be able to see the information describing that client - their address, contact information, multiple other data points captured in custom fields. The "Accounts Summary" section is very useful, but is usually not what a regular user needs to see first when accessing a client's profile. 
  • Jagoda Danielak
  • Jan 11 2017
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