Ideas for the Mambu Banking Engine

Increase max number of columns in views


Increase the limitation of number of columns to be added to a view.

Today there is a limit to how many columns can be added, the limit today is 50 columns.

Please increase maximum columns to >100.


Especially in Installment view there are many interesting columns to be viewed and exported.

The "general info" (client info, PO info, expected, paid and due, etc) fills about 40 columns, and then one might want to add another 30 or so columns from custom fields and other fields.

We now have to create several views in order to show/export all info.

  • Richard Axelsson
  • Jan 30 2017
  • Will not implement
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  • Monica Branzan commented
    6 Feb, 2017 03:53pm

    Hi Richard, thank you for your idea, however due to performance issues and a technical limitation at data base level, this cannot be implemented at the moment and Mambu has to enforce the current limit of 50 columns. Best regards, Monica