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Sales Pipeline Report

Add new indicators for loans still in partial application. When a client walks in eg. called it prospective, and when that client is being assessed by a loan officer called it assessment stage and when the committee sits to decide call it Credit Committee, then it is either approved or rejected.

This will Help in accurately measuring the sales pipeline and flag potential business that has been sitting in one state for a long time.

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  • Aug 2 2017
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  • Monica Branzan commented
    August 02, 2017 13:17

    Hi Ashbel,

    Thank you for your idea. However, I believe that this could be easily handled already by using Mambu's custom fields. For example, a grouped custom field set can be created and you can add a selection type of custom field with the states required. When the account is in Pending Approval, the appropriate state can be selected. This would allow you to have full control and customise the required state for the account until it is Approved or Rejected, as well as pulling reports via Custom Views. 

    I hope this is of use, otherwise if further information is required on how to work with custom fields, please reach out to our support team, via

    All the best,