Ideas for the Mambu Banking Engine

Additional Repayment Schedule Placeholders


An option to extend the current Repayment Schedule placeholders available in document templates in Mambu to include -

1) Amounts Paid columns -
i) Principal Paid
ii) Interest Paid
iii) Fee Paid
iv) penalty Paid
v) Total Paid

2) Paid dates

3) Amount Due columns -
i) Principal Due
ii) Interest Due
iii) Fee Due
iv) Penalty Due


There are tenants who would like to create customised documents sent to their clients containing information about the expected amounts, amounts due and amounts paid per instalment, along with the corresponding dates for each.
Creating such customised reports via another software e.g. Jaspersoft can be very challenging to achieve.

  • Nishant Parikh
  • Aug 30 2017
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