Ideas for the Mambu Banking Engine

Additional view option for Trial Balance report


Add a new view option for Trial Balance report: "Hide Zero Balance Accounts" that would include all GL accounts with non zero Opening and Closing Balances.


Trial Balance has two views:

  • Hide Zero Debits/Credits Accounts - presents only GL accounts with Debits or Credits <> 0 (default)
  • Show Zero Balance Accounts - shows list all of GL accounts

However, the default view (Hide Zero Debits/Credits Accounts) does not contain Opening and Closing balances which makes the Totals for Opening and Closing Balance meaningless or even misleading. In order to get the correct Totals “Show Zero Balance Accounts’ needs to always be enabled.

It would be useful to have a report which includes GL accounts with balances in it, but this applies to Opening and Closing Balances, as well as these are typically used for reconciliation purposes, not only Debits and Credits.

From Finance team perspective it is important to have not only the net change/move but also how this impacted the Total Balances (Opening/Closing), without having to select additional options, or view the list of all GL account, even those with only 0.

  • Jagoda Danielak
  • Nov 1 2017
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