Ideas for the Mambu Banking Engine

Create escape double quote sign for string placeholders in Webhook notifications

What: Create “escape_DoubleQuote_string” function for Placeholders in Webhook notifications.

Why: Currently, when sending HTTP requests in Webhook notifications as JSON payload that contains placeholders passed as parameters, e.g: "fullName":"{RECIPIENT_NAME}"

and the field having double quotes (i.e. "") within RECIPIENT_NAME, i.e.:

FirstName "LastName"

will result in passing the payload as:

"FirstName "LastName""

The endpoint URL will receive the Webhook notification, however, it may not interpret the HTTP request correctly since the Json syntax is invalid.

In this case, creating a function that will escape double quotes, will correct the behavior, e.g.:

"fullName":"escape_DoubleQuote_string ({RECIPIENT_NAME})" should become

"FirstName \"LastName\""

  • Ancuta Covaci
  • Nov 8 2017
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