Mambu Banking Engine

Ideas aimed to improve the current experience provided by the Mambu Banking Engine.

Notifications (webhooks, sms, email) based on non financial and financial activities (events)


  • Currently the notifications are triggered by different events.
  • The majority of the events represent a transition from a state to another and this is very useful when defining a notification.
  • Another part of the events are related to financial transactions which is useful, as well, when it is required to cover the business sector but not fully as the case when interest is applied. 
  • Various cases have been captured, when more options are required in order to define a notification based on a financial or non financial change.


Extend the notification definition to be based on non financial activities (change audit) and financial activities (transaction log).


A custom field value is change and based on the change event and the new value, a notification must fly out as a SMS, EMAIL or to a 3rd party system through a webhook.

Currently any non-financial change it is captured under the *Activity* event which is too general and cannot offer an isolation about which field got the change and how. 

Mambu already keeps a track of the activities for audit purposes, hereby this can be used as event sourcing for the notifications.


The balance of an account can be changed by financial transactions which are not captured by the current events: interest applied, tax applied, fee applied or  repayment schedule gets changed.  

The transaction log is the source of truth for the balance, hereby this can be used as the event source for the notifications. 

  • Alin Burlacu
  • Nov 16 2017
  • Planned