Ideas for the Mambu Banking Engine

Show the breakdown of the interest amount on fractionalized loan per investor


Show the breakdown of the interest amount - interest accrued and interest applied, but not yet paid by the borrower, earned by each investor funding a loan.
Allow this information to be retrieved via API as well.


Organizations need to be able to retrieve the amounts of interest earned (accrued and applied, but not yet paid) by each funder of a loan account. This information is required to be shared with the investors in P2P loans so that they can:
- use it for their internal reporting purposes (e.g. income statements, management reports, etc)
- report their accurate fiscal situation (i.e. taxable income, e.g. each fiscal year end, or each fiscal period, depending on the regulations).

Currently, we only show the interest earned from each fractionalized loan at the funding account level when the interest is paid (that is then fractionalized to the investors). However, in order to retrieve the amount of interest earned, the total interest accrued on a loan would have to be fractionalized as well in separate calculations.

  • Ancuta Covaci
  • Feb 21 2018
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