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Audit trail to track creation, edit and deletion of index interest and tax rates Merged


Display details relating to the creation, editing and deletion of rates (index interest, VAT and withholding taxes), including the creation date for the action and the user who performed it. These should also be logged as separate actions in the ‘Activities’ views.



Currently only a ‘Valid From’ date can be viewed from ‘Administration > General > Rates’ but there is no way to ascertain which user created the rate and when, or which rates have been edited or deleted. The result is an unclear audit trail.

Since these actions may impact interest calculation across tenants’ entire loan/deposit portfolio, there should be a clear audit trail available to identify who and when updated the index/tax rates. This is not only extremely important when it comes to monitoring setup changes in Production to help investigate any issues, but would also help with testing how changes made in index/tax rates impact existing accounts.

  • James Anderson
  • Mar 27 2018
  • Shipped