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Journal entry custom fields


Custom fields at the journal entry level, both system generated and manually created.



Some organisations may wish to store additional information with their journal entries for reference and reporting purposes.

For instance, it could be that the accounting processes of some organisations requires that other journal entries additional to those automatically generated by Mambu are posted, and that these should contain references to transactions or accounts already in the system. A report could then be generated to show all journal entries which relate to a given loan account, not just those generated by its transactions.

  • James Anderson
  • Mar 29 2018
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  • Evaldas Micius commented
    26 Nov 11:24am

    Would be greatly appreciated. Manual journal entries are often used to accommodate transactions that are not supported out of the box, like commissions for sales or collections partners based on the loan amount or transaction amount. Classifying those transactions and having reference to particular loan account would be a great. Only thing we have is notes and it's a cumbersome way to store additional metadata.