Ideas for the Mambu Banking Engine

Fee details per each fee paid by a single repayment transaction

What: Provide details about the different fee(s) name(s) and amount(s) for each fee being paid by a given repayment transaction, instead of only providing the total fee amount. Those details should be available as follows:

  • When checking the transaction’s details on UI or API
  • In transaction reports as separate columns and filters
  • As placeholders for the different fees in transaction-level loan documents (receipts) and notification templates (repayment entered for example)

Example: A loan has 2 different repayment due fees being paid by a single repayment, when reporting on the transaction it should be possible to see that $X fee amount was paid for “fee #1” and that $Y fee amount was paid for “fee #2” instead of only being able to see the total “fee amount” paid in the transaction.

Note: the “fee amount” field should remain unchanged as it adds up all the fees being paid and is useful in itself.

Why: Currently whenever a transaction has fee amounts they are added up and shown under “fee amount” field for the transaction. In cases when different fees are applied to the loan it is difficult to report on them. The only way to see the different fee balances and amounts charged per fee type is if accounting is enabled and different GL accounts are tied to each fee.

Institutions which do not use Mambu accounting or that would like to report on the different fees paid/applied from a transaction point of view

  • Rodrigo Ocampo Uribe
  • Apr 23 2018
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