Ideas for the Mambu Banking Engine

Allow retrieving summary results type for on the fly API queries


When running on-the-fly queries add an option to get a summary of the results (instead of returning all the records with basic or full details), same as we allow when retrieving custom views (e.g. GET:~ api/loans?viewfilter={customViewID}&resultType=SUMMARY)


Some organizations would like to retrieve only the count of items and the totals for the columns that accept totals when applying different filter constraints on the fly - for example, the count of items that have account name = “X” or the total amount of loan accounts that were disbursed for a specific client.

Currently, the summary results can be retrieved for saved custom views, however, depending on the filtering criteria this can become inefficient when having to create custom views for each filter value – e.g. different custom views for each account name.

  • Ancuta Covaci
  • May 7 2018
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