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Do not allow saving a client with deactivated center

Currently, we use Centers for Employers who will do salary deduction for us. Sometimes we may have payment issues with these employers and we may not want to issue any new loans to employees under that employer/center thus one should at least be a prompt if an attempt is made to save a client with a deactivated employer/center. One could still go ahead and save the client but at least is prompted to the anomaly. 

  • Dean Griffiths
  • May 22 2018
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  • Mirela Amariei commented
    21 Jan, 2019 02:47pm

    Behaviour as of V8.16:

    1. Clients/Groups cannot be assigned to deactivated Centres (once a Centre is deactivated it will not be available on UI as an option; on API a validation is returned on trying).
    2. Clients/Groups assigned to a Centres from before deactivation can still be edited: the status of the Centre is displayed as a suffix for it for transparency.
      • Example: If deactivated, "Maputo" Centre will be displayed on both Overview and Edit forms of Client/groups as "Maputo (Deactivated)".

    The Idea is already implemented from V4.4 (MBU-14403).