Ideas for the Mambu Banking Engine

Accounting Links for Tellering Module

All businesses that have front-office operations and tellers transacting with clients usually organize this around a "Head Teller" or a "Vault Teller" position. The Vault Teller acts as a supervisor of all tellers and adds or removes cash from tills as required - at the beginning & end of day when opening & closing tills, but also during the day when tellers have too much or not enough cash for operations.

To enable this usage in Mambu, we would need to add to the current tellering functionality several more features: 

  1. complete audit trail of teller transactions such Open, close adding and removing cash
  2. Creation of a 'vault' type of teller that is tied to a GL account
  3. accounting links, so that these transactions can automatically update the respective Teller & Vault GL accounts balances
  4. ability for the Vault teller to see and print the detailed transactions with other tills, as well as the Vault Till position (balance) - that's why the Vault teller should be defined as a teller, but with the added authority to perform transactions listed at point (1) above 
  5. printing transaction log for a given till (from the teller widget)
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  • Aug 19 2014
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