Mambu Banking Engine

Ideas aimed to improve the current experience provided by the Mambu Banking Engine.

Allow sending Emails and SMS via API

API Integration solutions shouldn't communicate directly if clients since the messages sent by integration solutions won't we logged under the client in Mambu and therefore a credit officer wouldn't know which emails & SMS the client received when.

A new Mambu API is needed that is given a notification template ID and a client ID and sends out the email or SMS to the client using the provided template when a request is received.

This will allow an integration solution to e.g. send repayment reminders x days before the repayment is due or send partial loan application reminders x days after the application was filed.

The API could look like this: POST ‚ÄěnotificationTemplate=DEF456‚Äú /api/clients/ABC123/notifications

Extensions to this idea would be to also send Emails and SMS using templates from the interface when looking at a client and also seeing a per-client notification history.

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  • Aug 20 2014
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