Ideas for the Mambu Banking Engine

Allow Posting Transaction Channel Details and Date in Bulk

Organizations which do salary deductions receive one amount in bulk from employers which then needs to be allocated to potentially hundreds of client accounts. In this case there is only one date and transaction reference for the payments that need to be signed off in the payment collection screens (or more general transaction channel detail information available only once) which should be posted in bulk for all payments.

The current process for bulk postings requires to enter transaction/check reference, other channel  details and dates manually for each payment allocation to an account, which is despite best copy and paste efforts prone to error and makes reconciliation hard.

It should hence be possible to enter transaction details and date only once for a bulk transaction posting on both the repayment collection and deposit collection screen. (Possibly add date and transaction info to dialog pop-up - screenshot attached - depending on which channel selected)

  • Frederik Pfisterer
  • Dec 1 2014
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