Ideas for the Mambu Banking Engine

Custom Field language Mapping

Business Need

  • When reporting to the local finance office, the reports must only contain Chinese characters. If we must use Chinese and English in the custom fields within Mambu, such as “姓名 Name,” then we will have to edit manually in MS Excel to strip out all the English before sending to the finance office.
  • It will also give a better user experience with the Mambu interface for long names and drop down menus, which are sometimes overlapping and difficult to read (defining fields as "long fields" helps, but that increases the size of the form).
How We See It Working
  • The user can define both an English and Chinese name for the custom field during the custom field setup. 
  • The field will display the English or Chinese name depending on the user’s language preference settings.
  • Enabling this feature will dramatically improve the reporting process and stop us from wasting a lot of man-hours on a tedious process.
  • Rodica Levitchi
  • Dec 2 2014
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