Ideas for the Mambu Banking Engine

Display the transaction channel "available fields" in the teller widget

Business use case: when processing payments or withdrawals, tellers need to capture additional information, such as: 

- the name and identification of the depositor (in case the deposit is made by a different person than the account owner) - this is required by AML regulations in most countries 

- details of the cheque (number, account etc.) if the payment is made by cheque - this is required in order to process the cheques later and reverse the transaction if the cheque bounces

Requirement: in the teller dashboard widget, display the "available fields" as enabled for the teller transaction channel (currently, the "default" channel)

Impact: each of these transactions requiring additional information can't be processed through the till but have to be entered separately in the customer's account. (because these details can't be added to the transaction later). Reconciling transactions processed through the till and those posted separately becomes very difficult. 

  • Rodica Levitchi
  • Dec 2 2014
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