Ideas for the Mambu Banking Engine

Transaction types for manual journal entries

Some of the manual journal entries are repeatable and for audit purposes, as well as easier identification they could have the same predefined description. Additionally, having predefined transaction types for manual entries would help to review, update, track general ledger entries by types. 

When creating a manual journal entry, the user would be able to choose a type of the transaction from a selection (drop down list). The selection would be predefined by the client (customizable), so for example OakNorth would add the following descriptions to be available on the drop-down list when choosing a transaction type:

      1. Monthly payroll processed
      2. Money Market placement trade booked
      3. Expense within budget
      4. Refund payment

One of the selection type could be 'Other’, letting a user to fill out the Note field with a description that wouldn’t correspond to any of the ones available. Corresponding to the idea APP-I-279 (mandatory Notes field for manual journal entries) - the Note field could be mandatory or not, depending on the settings. 

The transaction type chosen for the manual journal entry would also have to be applied to the reversals, for example with a "reversal" added to the description.

  • Dorota Nosal
  • Dec 17 2014
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