Ideas for the Mambu Banking Engine

Show number of days the instalment is late within the arrears tolerance period

This refers to situations when the arrears tolerance period >0. 

Currently, the days in arrears function calculates only days after the loan went into arrears, i.e. after the arrears tolerance period. This calculation does not include days within the arrears tolerance period, so the days when loan is late, but not in arrears yet due to the tolerance period settings.  

For example, if an installment is due on 20th Dec and the organisation has setup 3 days of arrears tolerance period, the account will be shown as in arrears on the 23rd Dec (0 days in arrears). What is needed is information on the 21st that the account is 1 day late, on the 22nd - 2 days, etc. 

What would be needed in an indicator of how many days the loan is late within the tolerance periods (since the installment was due), to allow the organization to detect loans that are at risk of going into arrears. 

  • Dorota Nosal
  • Dec 29 2014
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  • Roberto Lopez Ramirez commented
    24 Nov, 2015 02:04am

    The real number of days in Arrears (i.e. from instalment day, ignoring the tolerance) should be applied for the provisions AFTER the arrears tolerance period.