Ideas for the Mambu Banking Engine

Prevent some staff from changing the disbursment/first repayment date

Currently, the two-Man Rule that requires separate users for approval and disbursal of a loan doesn't cover the disbursement date and the first repayment date, i.e. both the approver and the disburser have the option to set the disbursement/first payment date. 
In a scenario where the approver is someone from the senior staff, and the disburser is someone from junior staff, the disburser can still change both dates further in the future, even though the loan account parameters have already been set up and approved (by senior staff). 
This can be a potential control issue as the disburser should not have an option to change any loan account parameters that have been approved (hence no option to edit a loan account once it's approved), including setting up the disbursement or First Repayment date. 
  • Dorota Nosal
  • Jan 16 2015
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