Ideas for the Mambu Banking Engine

Sensitive information flagging


  • a way to make some of the custom fields more visible than others so that users can identify them easily (for example in red colour) 
  • have a view where all the sensitive information can be seen together at once (since some information may be added on the client and some on the loan account)

In a nutshell what would be needed is a way for put a "red flag" on some information so that it is immediately visible for users when they open client or account view and be able to view all the flagged sensitive information in one view. 


  • Customer has been added to internal "Watch List" for internal monitoring due to poor payment history or other adverse findings (anti money laundering flag, negative credit bureau report, other legal issues)
  • Customer appoints Power of Attorney
  • Customer is Deceased

In all the above scenarios, it would be very important for the employee opening the account in Mambu to know immediately the sensitive case, in order to handle action / call from the Customer correctly.

  • Dorota Nosal
  • Feb 11 2015
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