Ideas for the Mambu Banking Engine

Automatically created tasks

Allow Tasks to be created and assigned automatically for users the same way we are going to send notifications to users. Instead of sending an SMS or an Email, a task will be created and assigned to the user with all the details from the template.

Tenants would like for example to create templates and assign a task to their collections officers to call a client or perform some other task based on an event in Mambu (e.g. Account in Arrears). This way, the collection officers will be able to see the tasks assigned to them by logging in Mambu. It is extremely helpful especially for online lenders who don’t have a specific role to assign tasks.

  • Theodoros Bourliaskos
  • Jul 27 2015
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  • Richard Axelsson commented
    September 12, 2016 11:11

    Possibility to automatically create tasks on a trigger.
    Similar to SMS that are automatically sent to a client on a specific trigger.

    - Expected maturity date is 60 days from now
    Create task:
    - Subject “Ask client if interested in renewal”
    - Assign task to clients PO
    - Link to client
    - Due date 30 days from now
    - Use template “loan renewal”