Ideas for the Mambu Banking Engine

Group client states

What: Allow to change group client states same way as currently possible for individual clients, i.e. Pending Approval, Inactive, Active, Exited, Blacklisted. 

Why: Groups are often treated as companies, or other legal entities. With this approach, tenants collect basic information about the company members - owner, director, CEO, etc. These employees are linked to the company, but it's the company itself that in the end should be approved for a loan, not particular employees. Similar business case refer to blacklisting and exiting, if the payments are not received on time, or for any other applicable reason, tenants may need to blacklist/exit the company client, rather than it's particular members. Therefore, different states for all groups should also be supported. 

  • Dorota Nosal
  • Sep 10 2015
  • Planned
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  • Eugene Danilkis commented
    26 Nov, 2015 09:47am

    Of course - always appreciate your feedback and ideas :)

  • Roberto Lopez Ramirez commented
    26 Nov, 2015 09:36am

    Wasn't intending to undersell your system, Eugene. Like with everything here in Indonesia, I just wanted to spice it up a bit.  :-)

    Thank you for giving this priority.

  • Eugene Danilkis commented
    26 Nov, 2015 09:28am

    I would hope some of the other functionality and our current customers already show us well beyond as "mere MFI system", Roberto :) But absolutely agree this should be in the product and we'll schedule the relevant features and improvements for it. Thanks for the feedback!

  • Roberto Lopez Ramirez commented
    26 Nov, 2015 09:15am

    I believe this enhancement would sky-rocket Mambu from a mere MFI system to an actual loan admin system useful for financial institutes lending to actual companies. If I could vote 5 times for this one, I would.