Ideas for the Mambu Banking Engine

New notifications trigger for "Client/ Group Created"

What: A new triggering event in the communication templates that would send an Email/SMS/webhook when a new Client/ Group is created in the system.

Why: Mambu only currently has "Client Approved", but some tenants would want to notify clients that their registration application was received, although not yet approved, and/or trigger other processes down the line when a person applies to become a client (for example, perform identity or blacklist checks before client is approved and can apply for loans).

  • Rodica Levitchi
  • Oct 20 2015
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  • Robert Morgan commented
    15 Feb, 2016 05:05am

    Note that this story does not fully represent the desired enhancement - a more comprehensive outline below:

    The Mambu account states (eg Pending Approval, Approved, Active) do not reflect the fine-grained process states required for origination and credit underwriting steps.

    There are additional customer communication required for some of those additional states.  We would like to trigger a notification communication based on either:

    • a configured notification based on a change in a custom field (ie the custom field used to track the fine-grained process states), or,
    • an arbitrary ability to trigger a notification communication via API or manually, as outlined in APP-I-169.

    Even with APP-I-169 implemented, more flexible notification trigger events would be ideal.  One solution option would be to combine the current (V4.0) notification filtering enhancements with an ability to define a notification based on any change to the target entity (in our case, that's primarily a loan account, but could also be a client entity).

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