Ideas for the Mambu Banking Engine

Allow blacklisting active clients

What: Enhance the current system functionality to also allow the blacklisting of active clients (i.e. clients with an active loan or deposit account). 

Why: It is often necessary to blacklist existing clients to ensure that no additional lending is made to them - e.g. if fraud is discovered or if the client is in some other litigious situation. The main rationale behind blacklisting is that no NEW accounts can be opened for a blacklisted client, which should not require that all the client's accounts are closed before they are blacklisted. 

  • Rodica Levitchi
  • Nov 5 2015
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  • Dan Watts commented
    5 Nov, 2015 12:34pm

    The fraud may be discovered or indeed may only happen post disbursement (for instance where the customer skips) and so additionally to be able to Blacklist active /in arrears clients will facilitate the creation of specific workflows for these clients and the recovery of their loans

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