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Option for ID documents to have Valid until date as required field

What: Allow ID document templates to have the valid until date as a required field.

Why: For some document types the expiration date is very important, without it being marked as a required field users might forget to add it.

  • Rodrigo Ocampo Uribe
  • Nov 20 2015
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  • Roberto Lopez Ramirez commented
    23 Nov, 2015 03:47am

    In addition it would be very helpful if the Valid Until date is also available as a Filter in Managing Views. This way we can create a view with all Individuals that have an Expired ID.

  • Roberto Lopez Ramirez commented
    23 Nov, 2015 02:56am

    A small addition (which is relevant for Indonesia) would be to have the option "indefinite" (or something like that) as in Indonesia an ID is valid indefinite once the holder reached the (retirement) age of 55.