Ideas for the Mambu Banking Engine

When backdating a transaction, auto-reverse and re-post bulk all transactions posted after backdated transaction

What: when a transaction needs to be backdated, but there are other transactions already posted after it, auto reverse and re-apply these transactions. For example, if the account has transactions history: 
02-01-2016 Late Payment Fee Applied 
03-01-2016 Penalty Applied 
04-01-2016 Penalty Applied 
and a repayment was missed from 31-12-2015: allow to enter this backdated repayment without the need to first reverse all the transactions posted after 31st Dec. These would be auto-reversed and (if applicable) re-applied with new calculations automatically. 
Why: to simplify the process of making any corrections, for example if a User missed to enter a repayment made by customer 2 weeks back and penalties/late payment fees were already charged in the account.
  • Dorota Nosal
  • Jan 8 2016
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