Ideas for the Mambu Banking Engine

As a developer I want to add and update the independent custom fields in bulk

How: Expose an API endpoint to add and update independent CF in bulk as we have for grouped CF.

Why: Details for entities like clients, accounts, etc can be easily extended with CF.  Our tenants are heavily using CF do capture their business details in Mambu. There are multiple situations where they want to update more than 2 CF for a specific entity. For independent CF we currently have 2 options:

1) do a 1 PATCH call for each CF in order to update the values. (this might lead to tens of individual calls which imply multiple trips to DB and our backend)  
2) get the Client with full details. Loop over the CF collection, pin point each one for modification, update it with the new value and POST the new version of the entire client(might end up with unexpected updates, multiple joins to grab the info and updates in multiple tables)

Impact: With this functionality we are improving the API usage experience by providing appropriate capabilities which have right away applicability in tenants cases. Improve performance by reducing the number of backend hits and usage of DB connections along with reduced need of joins.

  • Alin Burlacu
  • May 20 2016
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