Ideas for the Mambu Banking Engine

Add new Loan Account placeholders to loan documents

What: additional placeholders in Product Document templates:

1) "Interest Expected" (at the moment we only support "Total Expected" placeholder)
2) "Total Principal Paid", "Total Interest Paid", "Total Fees Paid", "Total Penalty Paid" (at the moment only "Total Paid" is available)
3) "Total Fees Due", "Total Interest Due", "Total Penalty Due", "Total Principal Due" and "Total Due"
4) "Principal Balance", "Interest Balance", "Fee Balance", "Penalty Balance"
5) "Interest Accrued"


Why: This would be useful for tenants that issue more simplified Statements, and instead of including full history of transactions - provide only the total balances on the account . 

At the moment, we only have some of those placeholder available at Transaction level (when the Transaction History is enabled), but not at Account level. However, this information is available in the Accounts Details and the Loan Accounts views, rather than transaction-specific. 

  • Dorota Nosal
  • Jul 27 2016
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