Ideas for the Mambu Banking Engine

As developer I want to be able to get repayments by state, dueDate, lastPaidDate fields

Why: Currently with GET /api/repayments?dueFrom=2011-01-05&dueTo=2011-06-07

repayments with Pending, Partially_Paid, Late, Pending are returned by due date which has to be in mentioned criteria interval. Paid repayments are not retuned.

Case:For some scenarios based on regulation rules some of our partners have to daily extract payments with dueDate today in order to post it in other systems no matter the status of the repayment.

What: Extend the repayments api to support on the fly search. All the installments for or the accounts are in scope for this with no limitation based on the state of the installment or the state of the loan.

  • Alin Burlacu
  • Aug 2 2016
  • Planned
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