Ideas for the Mambu Banking Engine

Improve Loan Account Data Import Performance



Improve performance of data imports done via Excel spreadsheets. Currently importing around 500 fixed loan accounts incl. custom fields can take 11-14 minutes. This should be speed up to take only 2 minutes.



Importing large number of loan accounts currently requires customers to split up files in batches of around 500 accounts and then import them one after another. Using this approach takes a lot of time to split the files, test the import files on sandbox and actually process the files on production. Importing 10,000 loan accounts using this approach can easily take 4-5 hours on production. During that time no transactions can be posted as data imports are in progress.

Improving performance may also allow to import larger batches, which can further reduce the manual effort of splitting the files.

  • Thomas Bachmann
  • Aug 26 2016
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