Ideas for the Mambu Banking Engine

Possibility to reduce Credit Arrangement/Line of Credit to any amount

What: it should be possible to edit a Credit Arrangement Amount to any amount or terminate it altogether (set the amount to zero), even when the "Approved Credit Amount" is more than 0.


  • Credit Arrangement Amount (line of credit extended to the client) is 500
  • Approved Credit Amount (loans already disbursed under this CA) is 300
  • Situation: customer is not paying back their first loan and the lender wants to reduce their CA to zero, so that no new loans can be approved under this CA => currently, the user will not be allowed to reduce CA Amount under 300 (i.e. not less that the Approved Credit Amount)

Why: If a client’s credit score worsens while there are several loan accounts assigned under a CA, it is necessary for the company to lower/reset the CA Amount at any point in time thus preventing additional loan accounts to be added to the CA. In other business cases, the company allows the clients to request adjusting/reducing the limit themselves.

  • Ignas Peciura
  • Sep 23 2016
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