Mambu Banking Engine

Ideas aimed to improve the current experience provided by the Mambu Banking Engine.

When clicking account ID, show directly account details (without the list of accounts)

After clicking account ID (as a link or in searchbar) instead of showing client name and tabs with accounts, show directly the account details, e.g. by:
- scrolling down automatically to the account details, or
- storing the list of accounts in an additional tab (e.g. 'List of accounts')

For clients with big number of accounts (>50) users need to scroll down every time they want to preview account details. In the long run it is is time-consuming.
We have customers (e.g. with banking licence) servicing other financial institutions (B2B2C). They are going to have several dozen of accounts or even more for each of their clients

  • Bartosz Kolodziej
  • Oct 26 2020
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