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Include details of fees when GETting loan schedule via API


A possibility to retrieve details of fees expected, due and paid when GETting the schedule via API. Ideally, the response should include the name of the fee, type of the fee and amount allocated per instalment.

For example, if two manual fees are applied in a given instalment: monthly fee of 10 and legal fee of 15, the response of the GET call to retrieve the schedule would include not only total fee of 25 but also the detail split between monthly and legal fees.


When the invoice is issued to the end client summing up the expected payment as at a given due date it needs to include the exact detail of the charges the client is expected to pay. Tenants who generate documents (example invoices) outside of Mambu using a GET API response, need to provide this detail in the document issued to the client.

  • Gerard Loedolff
  • Jul 15 2019
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