Ideas for the Mambu Banking Engine

Create an Internal Client/Employee


In many countries, the privacy policy/law prevents employees to view sensitive account information of other employees for example account balance, transactions.


1. Option to map users to a client if the user has an account.

2. Some sensitive information of these clients and accounts should not be visible to the other users, except for the mapped user. In other words, if an employee/user logs in to Mambu, s/he should not be able to view information marked as sensitive of other employees/users.

3. There should be a seperate permission which allows visibility of this client. This permission allows roles such as HR, Audit, Risk to be provided with this role so that they have full view access of these users and accounts.

4. List of sensitive information

  • Balances in account summary window

  • Details in Loan Account View

  • Details in Deposit Account View

Please find enclosed screenshots for further information.

5. An user/employee can not process any transaction on his/her own/linked accounts. It must be done by another employee.

[Note: potential overlap with the idea:]

  • Paribartan Poudel
  • Jan 10 2020
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