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CONTAINS operator with on-the-fly searches


A new operator to search for fields which contain a specified value. For instance, a search for the value 'hat' using a CONTAINS operator could return fields such as 'hat', 'blue hat', 'red hat', etc.


Such searches would be useful when wanting to retrieve records with similar values, or for when there are fields containing a large amount of text (such as comments) and only a keyword is important.

  • James Anderson
  • May 12 2020
  • Planned
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  • Henry Sturzenegger commented
    24 Jul, 2020 05:46pm

    fully agree - it raises the value of the function tremendously. Actually, I also would want to have that "contains" as an argument for filtering information.
    This is also very valuable if you have to search for info that may contain typos or is abbreviated. A MUST have!