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Ideas aimed to improve the current experience provided by the Mambu Banking Engine.

Max withdrawal amount for specific transaction channels available for deposit account

What: At the account level, allow adding a max withdrawal amount for a specific transaction channel available for the account.

Why: Currently, it’s possible to add limited availability for transaction channels, however this will be applied to all the clients and accounts in the system. At the account level, it’s possible to add a maximum withdrawal amount, however, this will be applied to all channels available to the client.

Organizations would like to be able to add further constraints for certain transaction channels that are specific for a client or account, i.e. in case the client reports a password compromise of his card linked to his current account (while the card is still safe), the organization would block withdrawals via card channel until the password reset, and allow the client to withdraw funds via other available channels.

  • Ancuta Covaci
  • Jul 18 2019
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