Mambu Banking Engine

Ideas aimed to improve the current experience provided by the Mambu Banking Engine.

Enhanced Traceability And Reporting in UI For Document Activities


Enhanced traceability and reporting required for document activities to support Bank users. There is no custom view on documents and the activities report do not contain the information/object to which the object is linked. In effect when a document is attached to an object (e.g. user, account etc) then there is no way for a Bank user to actually know which document was created or navigate to that document, which defeats the purpose of knowing about the activity (screenshot attached from System Activities illustrates examples of documents being created, but there's no way of knowing how to navigate to the document record).


As a bank user, I'd like to create a custom view that lists the documents uploaded into Mambu with metadata information such as the ID and name of the record it is attached to easily very if the correct document has been uploaded to the right record.

Specifically for audit users and bank site managers I want to be able to see all uploaded documents in a period and quickly navigate to them.

  • Geoffrey Newson
  • Feb 25 2020
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