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Ideas aimed to improve the current experience provided by the Mambu Banking Engine.

Feasibility of providing branch access to users through Federated Authentication

What: Currently we are only storing/updating below list of attributes when a user logs in via SSO:

First name

Last name



Hence in case where there are multiple branches set up and there are set of users, where users will have access to only a subset of branches. It is not possible to assign the branch information to the user via SSO as we are not updating the branches keys. The only solution in this case is to assign a role (through the IDPs RoleID attribute) and then manually assigning the branches from the Mambu UI.

In order to automate the user administration process from single place there should be a way to assign branch information via SSO.

Why: The ability to add the branch is a very useful addition as the customer would want their user administration to happen in a single place. For sake of automation with all the benefits like speed, prevention of errors and audit ability.

  • Guneet Sidana
  • Nov 24 2020
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