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Allow applying manual Flat Fees when balance is 0 on Revolving Credit accounts

What: Allow applying manual Flat Fees for active Revolving Credit loan accounts that have 0 balance.

Why: Organizations need to be able to apply fees as long as the client has a credit limit available, for example, monthly administration fee.

  • Ancuta Covaci
  • Nov 12 2018
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  • KB commented
    25 Sep 02:56am

    Yes, this use case is very common. When the line is approved, the fee shall be charged.

  • André Spruit commented
    12 Sep, 2019 10:49am

    New10 needs this, currently we need to do an ugly trick(1 ct disbursement, apply fee, 1ct repayment) to get this done, which has some ugly side effects.

  • Zulfiya Malyshenko commented
    20 Feb, 2019 03:32pm

     We have a monthly subscription fee for using the credit line and it would be a perfect use case for us.

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