Mambu Banking Engine

Ideas aimed to improve the current experience provided by the Mambu Banking Engine.

Multiple Interest Rate Margins

For indexed interest rates, Mambu currently supports a base rate as well as an additional margin rate set on the account. Some organizations define three: one being the base rate (Reference Rate), the other being the product-based margin rate (Loan Credit Margin) and the other being one set on the account itself (Other Credit Margin).

This feature would add the ability to define up to multiple 'spreads' on the product (currently limited to 1) and associate those with a different GL account. Each of the spreads would have default min and max spreads as we currently do, a name, and the spread amounts would be defined at the point of creation on the loan account.

  • Monica Branzan
  • Aug 30 2018
  • Will not implement
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  • Jerneja Vrcek commented
    17 Jun 07:45am

    Since we have a workaround in place and it has only been requested by OakNorth (ThinkTank is not a customer), I am moving the idea to Will not implement.