Ideas for the Mambu Banking Engine

Add Rescheduling Option for Locked Accounts


At the moment it is not possible to reschedule locked loan accounts. However, some tenants use locking functionality to track loan accounts in collection, result of which a settlement could be reached using new loan terms, and reschedule option would allow for a creation of new loan schedule based on these settlement terms. Interest, fees and penalties accrual on an account during the locking period should it be “ignored” and not carried over to the new rescheduled account.


For locked loan accounts in collection, rescheduling option will facilitate creating a new loan schedule based on the settlement terms reached, which may be different than the ones from the original account. Unlocking the accounts in order to reschedule is not a preferred option because applied transactions would need to be manually reversed.

  • Suzana Dejkanovic
  • Mar 19 2019
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