Ideas for the Mambu Banking Engine

Loan Interest Pure Grace Period Defined in Days


Currently pure grace period can only be defined as a multiplier of a loan installment, an additional option to apply pure grace period defined in days at the beginning of the loan, for which interest is not charged at all, should also be available.


To allow organizations that take a few days to process a loan disbursement, not to charge their clients interest for the days the funds were in transit (e.g. days it took from loan disbursement to the time funds reached the client).

Some banks/payment processors take number of days (2-5 days) to process a loan. For example, a loan is disbursed on the 1st June, but the client may receive the money any time between 2nd-5th June, and organizations do not want to charge clients interest for the days it took to process the loan. With a flexible pure grace period it should be possible to not to charge interest for the loan processing days.

  • Suzana Dejkanovic
  • Mar 20 2019
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